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Top 5 Data Science Trends To Watch In 2024

Data Science covers a vast network of topics its umbrella including deep learning, IOT, AI, and various others. It is a comprehensive amalgamation of data inference, analysis, algorithm computation and technology to solve a multifaceted business problem. with the unabated increasing popularity of data science and new technological and sophisticated developments, the applications and uses of data science are increasing by leaps and bounds over time .the following trends in this field are expected to continue in the coming year as well

1.Regulatory Schemes:

It can be reasonably expected that more data regulatory Schemes will follow in 2019. Data regulatory Events like for example GDPR (European Generate Data Protection Regulation), which was enforced on may,2018 regulated data science practice by setting certain boundaries and limits on collection and management of personal data. such regulatory activities will hugely impact future predictive models and different analytic exercise.

2.Artificial Intelligence And Intelligent Apps :

The buzz created by AI is unlikely to die down in the coming year. we are in the nascent and initial stage of AI, and the Following year will see the more advanced application of AI in all the fields AI will still remain a challenge .more intelligent apps will be developed using AI.

3.Virtual Representations Of Real World Objects And Real-Time Innovations :

These technologies will be used to solve real live business problems across companies all over the world. The piece of real-time innovations will also accelerate with advanced technologies.

4.Edge computing :

With further growth of IoT, edge computing will increasingly become popular .with thousands of devices and sensors collecting data for analysis, By 2020, new cloud pricing models will service sepecific analytics workloads, contributing to 5x higher spending growth on cloud vs .on premises analytics.

5.BlockChain :

The blockchain is a major technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. It is a highly secured ledger and has a variety of applications. It can be used to record a large number of detailed transactions. New security measures and processes emulating the blockchain technology can appear in the coming year.

Conclusion :

The future for innovation and business looks bright .like big data, data science will witness massive use and development in the upcoming year.