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Blockchain Career is getting new highs as cryptocurrencies gain traction worldwide

In 2017, Reserve Bank of India has levied a ban on the transactions and trades of Crypto currency in India and now recently the regulations are overturned. Supreme Court has now issued permissions for Indians to use crypto currency from March 2020. This going to be beneficial in this pandemic states some reports. Blockchain Career is getting new highs as people are getting much awareness about crypto and its uses.

A network based digital form of assets which is distributed across big number of computers is termed to be as Crypto Currency. Payments can be done without any risk of fraud or leakage of your account details can be done safe and securely using this digital money and one can also store the amount happily in this form. This was banned and was a legal offence in India since few years but now the usage has become legal and is paving ways for betterment of economy.

The blockchain technology and crypto currency are the new way of income for many students and professionals who are struggling hard in this pandemic due to regulations of lockdown. In this digital world there would be more chance for the Blockchain technologies to rise up as the trending source of income. 

Usually crypto currency run on Blockchain technology and crypto currency is nothing but a digital coin.  They are many career options that would come to light with this trending digital form of exchange. WazirX, CoinSwitch and CoinDCX are the top crypto currency start-ups who are believing in the fact that this technology would give more options for pursuing a diverse and successful career in the modern world.

Nearly 20500 Blockchain related jobs are posted on a famous employment site and the world wide professional networking site LinkedIn posted about 900 jobs recently which would offer better incentives to those you are in search of work with passion. In 2020, jobs related to Blockchain technology are on a greater demand than cloud computing, artificial intelligence etc., and will be served with better options stated LinkedIn.

It’s been 6 months since the ban on crypto currency was lifted by the Supreme Court and there is a remarkable growth in the revenue and turnover of the start-ups. WazirX is a Binance-backed crypto exchange company which has seen significant growth in trades. The volume of trade rose to $168 million which is almost 414% more than in February. 290% is the monthly signups growth in July when compared to February of this year.

 WazirX founder and CEO Nischal Shetty stated that they need more people and are recruiting efficient people to boost up the company in India. He also stated that this technology of block chain  and crypto currency have a greater demand across the world and India but due to lack of awareness there are very few people who have knowledge on this and thus this would remain as a fresh filed in India.

Kuber was exclusively launched in India by CoinSwitch to allow easy trade of crypto currency across India and also allows people to trade and exchange it in rupee. This company states that students should develop interest in this field as it is a budding one and would help you to grow faster and bigger in your career as it is the most wanted one across the globe. They also state that there is a huge inflow of global exchanges taking place in India. 

Thus this nascent and emerging field would help the younger generation of the country to progress remarkably once the industry rises to higher altitudes.