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3 Ways to Be a Data Scientist

1. Earning a data science degree.

  • Take class in maths and computer science data science requires statics, algebra, calculus, and computer science .it’s a good idea to start learning these skills as early as possible.
  • make sure that you get at least a basic education in python,r, and SQL, these are basic programming languages
  • python is a no-frills programming language that allows data scientists to focus on their research questions rather than code syntax.
  • R is a programmable environment that is used to store complex data analysis in command line script
  • SQL structured query language allows researches to manipulate and query data in related database
Attend a university with reputable programs related to data science there are universities with a degree in data science
  • there are universities with a degree in data science, but you can also enter the field with a degree . in computer science, statistics, mathematics, economics, or operation research.
  • earning an undergraduate degree in data science or a related field will most likely require 4 years to complete.
  • During your time as an undergraduate you should focus in particular on taking statistics, business, and courses computer science.
Start searching for jobs in data science :

After graduation, you can search online for data science can use your data science degree in a wide variety of fields like technology, pharmaceutical, government, retail, and gaming.

2.Taking a massive online open course from home :

massive online open courses are university-level courses taught online by experts in the field.

Take class in basic data science skills :

once you mastered python, r, and SQL, you should consider taking courses in other programming languages with more specific uses to round out your skills set.

sign up for courses in math and machine learning :

foundation in python, R and SQL, you should take some MOOCs in statistics, calculus, algebra, economics, and machine learning

put together a portfolio of your work

3.participating in a bootcamp :

learn basic data science skills before boot camp

read reviews of data science boot camps online

Pick the bootcamp that most closely matches your needs:

Data science boot camps last an average of 10 to 11 weeks, but some of the more prestigious ones can last a full 6 months. The more prestigious bootcamps also cost more. Make sure to find a bootcamp that balances your scheduling and financial needs.

  • There may be bootcamps in your area, but there is a good chance you will need to travel to a larger city to attend one. This makes scheduling and finances particularly important.

Attend your bootcamp. During your bootcamp, you’ll have the opportunity to receive direct instruction in data science, produce work for your portfolio, and network with other established and emerging data sciences. You’re going to have to study hard and work harder, but don’t get bogged down in it. Make sure that you’re also using your time to get a sense of the field, who’s in it, and your place in it.