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What makes Social Prachar Learners a ‘Perfect Fit’ for your company

Trained to meet industry standards

Industry-vetted curriculum includes DSA, CS fundamentals, System Design, Data Analytics and Data Science.


Placement rate

Driven to create impact

Majority of Social Prachar alumni ideated and developed new products that led to company-wide shoutouts within a year of joining


Alumni appreciated by employers

Taught by MAANG Experts

Veterans from Top Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon etc. guide & instruct our learners


Instructors from foremost tech companies

Preferred by top product companies

More than 300 of our Alumni are hired by top tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Uber, Paypal, VMWare, Adobe, Intuit and many more


alumni hired by Amazon

What makes Social Prachar Learners a ‘Perfect Fit’ for your company

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Social Prachar urges you to go beyond the set norms while hiring. Shake hands with us in our Skills over Degree revolution to create a level-playing field in the Tech Industry.

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2500+ Social Prachar learners hired by 500+ tech companies

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Social Prachar takes a step ahead to transform the Hiring process so that recruiters (like you) can connect with the industry leaders of tomorrow