Top 10 Mahesh Babu Channa, CEO Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in India (City-wise)

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is the Combination of Science and Engineering for making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computing programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence. Machine learning is the most common application of AI. Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines(computer systems). These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions) and self-correction. Best applications of AI include expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision, Iris etc.

15 Best applications of AI 2020

  1. AI optimized Self-driving cars
  2. AI robots
  3. Virtual Nurses
  4. Robot-Assisted Surgery
  5. Drug Discovery
  6. Chatbots
  7. AI for robust credit lending applications.
  8. AI-powered autonomous security systems
  9. leverage AI to attract, screen, engage and hire the best employees
  10. Personalize your website based on customer data
  11. Data Security
  12. Robo Advisory Services
  13. KYC Processes
  14. Fraud Detection & Risk Management
  15. Smart ATMs using face Recognition and iris recognition systems

Prerequisites to Learn Artificial Intelligence Course ?

Mathematics: Need to have a profound knowledge topics like Linear Algebra, calculus and discrete mathematics.
Programming: Need to learn a few Programming languages like Python, Machine learning algorithms, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing(NLP) which are generally used for developing AI systems. The most important thing in programming is the logic. Be good at applying logic to solve problems.
Learning Attitude: The field of AI gets deeper and complex day by day. So you should be prepared for handling vast number of topics like probability theory, statistics, etc

Job Roles in AI

Although AI and machine learning are broad categories, the jobs available are more specific.

  • Machine learning researcher
  • AI engineer
  • AI Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Business intelligence (BI) developer
  • AI developer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Job Market Now

AI professionals with skilled performance are getting 40-70% hikes while switching jobs, compared with an average of 20-30% in other skill areas.

“The entry salary of a software engineer is Rs 3-3.5 lakh while that of an entry AI role is Rs 5.5-6 lakh,”

Even an entry-level AI role can command a 70%-plus premium over that of a entry level computer science (CS) engineer, say recruitment firms and industry experts like Indeed, Naukri etc.

Skilled Professionals with around 6-9 years of experience, with two-three years of that in AI, can easily fetch you annual packages upwards of Rs 50 lakh, going up to Rs 1 crore and more while for those in senior strategic roles, salaries are up to Rs 2.5-3 crore.

Here we listed out the Top 10 AI companies in india (city-wise) Based on Google signals,their work profiles,projects they are working,reputation levels,awards and rewards they procured till now.

Top Artificial Intelligence(AI) Companies in Bangalore

1.Name of the company: Active ai

Established: 2016

Description:  Active Intelligence Pte Ltd is a private fintech company, specializing in artificial intelligence with their global headquarters in Singapore, and a research and development base in Bengaluru. 


2.Name of the company: Fusion Informatics

Established: 2000

Description: Fusion Informatics is a Leading ISO Certified 9001:2015 Software development service provider in India, UAE and USA that combines creativity with utility. We offer a plenty of services like Enterprise Mobile App Development, Internet of Things (IoT) Development, Artificial Intelligence Development, Blockchain Development, Cloud Solutions, Smart Device Development, iPhone app Development & Android app Development, Business Process Solutions, and other IT related designs. As a best mobile app development company in India (Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Delhi), we constantly strive to design successful inclinations for startups to fortune 500 companies that intend to deliver an exceptional level of achievement with no compromising the quality.


3..Name of the company: 

Established: 2016

Description: Powerful AI based personalization  and product recommendation engine for e-Commerce Platforms. leads to 30-40% average increase in revenue.


4.Name of the company: Space-O Technologies

Established: 2010

Description: Space-O Technologies was “born” out of the desire to bring the top and finest Android and iOS engineers from around the world together to develop specialized, unique, and technologically advanced mobile apps for the world’s leading brands, enterprises, startups, and businesses. Strongly believes in “Get Shit Done” culture, Space-O Technologies is committed to lead the ship of creativity to create mobile solutions that solve the real-life problems of our clients and their customers. We are passionate about our work and it helps us to stay ahead in the market and win many awards, year after year.

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5.Name of the company: AIndra Systems

Established: 2012

Description: Aindra is a world class company for AI in Healthcare. As the first beachhead, we’ve developed a point of care tool for screening of Cervical Cancer. We are using computational pathology for accurate and faster diagnosis. Aindra’s screeting tool for Cervical Cancer consists of an Autostainer, Image scanner and AI algorithms.


6.Name of the company: Formcept

Established: 2011

Description: FORMCEPT is a Unified Data Analysis platform that helps enterprises derive actionable insights from large volumes of external and internal data quickly, thereby significantly reducing the data-to-decision conversion time. We empower 21st century leaders take mission-critical decisions that lead to timely outcomes


7.Name of the company: Artivatic Data Labs

Established: 2017

Description: Artivatic Data Labs is a young, dynamic company into artificial intelligence, head-quartered in Bengaluru, India. It builds, licenses and sells it’s proprietary human-brain like AI systems. It is an end to end AI Infrastructure platform built on deep-tech, machine learning technologies with in-depth analogy of genomic science, psychology & neuroscience. It enables Finance & Insurance sector to have in-depth multi source data focused consumer risk profiling, credit risk scoring, recommendation & personalization, automated underwriting & decisions, health & disease prediction, claims processing, fraud detection, digital data based risk scoring and document digitisation.


8.Name of the company:

Established: 2015

Description: At Locus, we aim to automate and optimize your logistics operations with scalable and reliable technology solutions, to help boost business efficiency and align ourselves with your goals. After all, your success drives our success!


9.Name of the company: Sigtuple

Established: 2015

Description: SigTuple builds intelligent screening solutions to aid diagnosis through AI-powered analysis of visual medical data.


10.Name of the company: Supertext

Established: 2015

Description: The Supertext AI platform enables your business to create powerful applications and entire business processes through chat.

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Top Artificial Intelligence(AI) Companies in Hyderabad

1. Name of the company: Hidden Brains InfoTech

Established: 2003

Description: Hidden Brains InfoTech Pvt. Ltd is an Enterprise Web & Mobile Apps Development Company located in Ahmedabad, India. With an industry experience of over a decade, Hidden Brains was founded in 2003. Currently headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, Hidden Brains has their three development centers in India and global presence in the USA, Germany, Norway and the UAE. Hidden Brains is ranked 25th in the list of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India.

2. Name of the company: Soulpage IT Solutions

Established: 2018

Description:Soulpage IT Solutions is a Data Science Technology company specializing in AI, Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning etc. We also offer end-to-end services in IoT, Enterprise Software and Mobile App Development.


3. Name of the company: ValueLabs

Established: 1997

Description:At ValueLabs, we aim to deliver value and innovation to our clients. Leveraging our strong technical expertise and domain knowledge, we effectively address the most demanding needs of our clients. We formulate our experience into innovative tools and frameworks, to help our clients accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs.

4. Name of the company: Spin Analytics Limited

Established: 2015

Description:Spin Analytics helps business and financial leaders to reformulate their challenges and convert data into actionable intelligence. Spin Analytics brings digital transformation in Credit Risk Management by leveraging predictive analytics, AI and ML techniques on Big Data.

5. Name of the company: Pronix

Established: 2010

Description: Pronix Inc. is a global provider of Information Technology/Software Services & Solutions Company. Pronix was founded in the year 2010 Headquartered in New Jersey, US with Offices across the USA, India, UAE and Europe. For over 9 years we have been supporting a diverse portfolio of customers across many Industries including Manufacturing, Banking, Financial, Insurance, Retail, E-commerce, Tours & Travelling, Transportation, ISV’S – Software, Telecom, and Healthcare.

6. Name of the company:Brio Technologies Private Limited

Established: 2004

Description:Help businesses thrive by delivering innovative technology solutions through seamless collaboration and excellence at work.

We are a fast growing company based in Hyderabad, India.

7. Name of the company: Intuceo 

Established: 2010

Description: Whether it’s Big Data Strategy, Data Engineering or Machine Learning; we help you strategize the right architectures, algorithms and visuals for an end-to-end advanced analytical solution.Augment your inner Data Scientist with Intuceo-Ax self-service AI. Intuceo-Ax is a cloud based, fully-automated and easy-to-use augmented analytics tool that allows businesses to conduct rapid analytic studies and uncover the hidden insights and generate value from existing data.

8.Name of the company: Teqsense Technologies


Description:We are leaders in technology consulting, being able to incorporate technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and internet of things! Teqsense handles some of the most advanced problems in Data Science and Machine Intelligence. We provide extremely flexible, scalable Artificial Intelligence services.

9. Name of the company: Puresoftware


Description:PureSoftware is a software product and services company that focuses on driving a differentiated customer experience, accelerating cycle time and improving business outcomes through an integration of digital solutions, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT. 

10. Name of the company: Tapadia tech 

Established: 2001


Tapadia Tech started its operation in year 2001. We have our presence in Asia, Africa, Europe & North America. As a turn-key solution provider company drawing on a pool of experienced and highly qualified professionals from reputed technology and management institutions and domain experts from industry, academic and administrative backgrounds. Tapadia Tech targets on a spectrum of IT services with total customer satisfaction.

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Top Artificial Intelligence(AI) Companies in Delhi

1.Name of the company: Value Coders

Established: 2004

Description: We’re an Indian software development company focused on just one thing – offshore software development services. 14+ years in business & 450+ developers strong, we have worked with startups, software product development companies, digital agencies and enterprises to help simplify their IT outsourcing experience and reduce costs/time-to-marke.


2. Name of the company: Prolitus Technologies 

Established: 2007

Description: Founded in 2007, Prolitus is an ISO 9001 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company offering IT consulting, design and development services and dedicated IT teams to its customers. We are working on futuristic technologies like Blockchain, RPA, AI and ML, IoT, Business Intelligence along with the complete ERP solutions for your business growth. The company comprises of more than 250 employees in India, UAE, Singapore, USA and the development center in India. Our focus is to Maximize Customer Value Through Innovative Solutions and Service Efficiency. 

3. Name of the company: Staqu technologies

Established: 2015

Description: Staqu Technolgoies – Perceiving the future. Computer vision isn’t just object recognition anymore. At Staqu, we explore and innovate to develop intelligent products for industries and consumers. Intelligent systems such as biometrics, image understanding, data driven analytics, recommendation engines, visual automation systems have their own complexities and characteristics that are known to the field experts only. Staqu provides a one-stop solution for all the aforementioned areas with researchers and industry experts working together to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.


4. Name of the company: ShipRocket

Established: 2012

Description: ShipRocket is an e-commerce platform that provides a flexible and simple to use, end-to-end e-commerce platform on a SaaS model to anyone who is looking for a branded online presence. KartRocket unifies the customer experience by providing all required integrations for entering the e-commerce ecosystem (payments, logistics, marketing, discovery & design) in a single self-service portal. 


5.Name of the company: Priority Vendor 

Established: 2014

Description: Priority Vendor is an online platform which allows a buyer to pay its suppliers early in exchange for cash discounts. Priority Vendor works with corporates like Dabur, Godrej, Marico, Whirlpool, BlueStar etc, who can send invites to their suppliers to participate on the platform. 

6.Name of the company: Goals101

Established: 2016 

Description: Goals101 provides marketing analytics solutions based on big data, machine learning and AI technology. Leverages raw data sets and transforms them into multiple successful end to end campaigns.


7. Name of the company: Neargroup

Established: 2015

Description: NearGroup.Me is a hyperlocal social networking bot. Users can install/add the app to the messenger and can start connecting with nearby members based on their location. Users artificial intelligence technology for automation and connecting with the users

8. Name of the company: SquadRun

Established: 2014

Description: Squad provides a platform to businesses for outsourcing business processes through a combination of crowdsourced human intelligence and artificial intelligence technology. It uses a workflow engine that breaks down business processes and manages its own proprietary workforce of independent contractors who are matched for these processes and specific tasks.

9.Name of the company: INNEFU

Established: 2010

Description: INNEFU provides security solution & consulting via specialized products and services. Product include AuthShield which is a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution; internet interception & monitoring system; Tactical internet monitoring system and cyber cafe surveillance. Services include network & web applications vulnerability & assessment; managed security services and customized products and R&D.


10.Name of the company: Creditas

Established: 2015

Description: Creditas is a customer engagement solutions provider to financial institutions. Enables financial institutions in late-stage recovery, early-stage collections and cross-selling using AI-enabled customer engagement solutions.

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Top Artificial Intelligence(AI) Companies in Mumbai

1.Name of the company: SumatoSoft

Established: 2012

Description: SumatoSoft is a software development company specializing in the custom development of challenging and complex web, mobile, and IoT projects. Since 2012, we’ve delivered compelling solutions for such companies as Toyota & Lexus, Dragon Sourcing, Nectarin, MyMediAds, Sous Kitchen, Boxforward and others.


2.Name of the company: Happiest Minds Technologies

Established: 2011

Description:Happiest Minds is focused on helping customers build Smart, Secure, Connected experience by leveraging disruptive technologies like mobility, analytics, security, cloud computing, social computing and unified communications. Enterprises are embracing these technologies to implement Omni-channel strategies, manage structured & unstructured data. 


3.Name of the company: Aeries Technology Group

Established: 2012

Description: Founded in 2012, ATG is a global services company providing technology, business process management and consulting services to some of the leading global organizations. We have a proven track record of helping our clients identify and deliver significant bottom line improvements using our expertise in finance, legal, HR and information technology related services. Our unique business engagement model is purpose-built to offer our client partners .


4.Name of the company: Uniwish Technology Consultancy


Description: We are an IT Consulting company which offers services in almost every area of internet technology. We follow a solution-oriented approach to let our customers reach their targets with the minimum effort. By our sectoral experience over 20 years, we’re proud to be offering services internationally. We are ready to maximize your IT investments and efficiency of your business by reducing the complexity associated with Technology selection 


5. Name of the company:  Accely Consulting India Pvt. Ltd

Established: 2001

Description: Accely(SAP Gold Partner) uses Information Technology in making processes not just more efficient, but also much more effective. We look at automation as an opportunity to allow refined methodologies and innovation to create a synergy of the latest technology and vast accumulated experience.

6.Name of the company: Digixhub


Description: Founded by a world-class team of industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience in financial technology and banking IT infrastructure management, we aim to be on the forefront of work in cryptography and distributed systems. From accountability to transparency, from digitizing assets to exchanges, from security to confidentiality, from public to private blockchain technologies our experienced team has built for enterprises worldwide.

7.Name of the company:  Datamatics

Established: 1975

Description: Datamatics is a global IT solutions and services company, offering a wide range of software solutions that help deliver superior business value to customers. They conceptualize and develop industry-specific technology solutions catering to customers’ requirements.


8.Name of the company: Internet Vogue

Established: 1892

Description:Internet Vogue is one of the website designing and development company in Mumbai, we design customized and responsive websites to meet all requirements of clients, we provide complete IT Solutions for all needs. 


9.Name of the company: Depasser Infotech

Established: 2011

Description: We are a small but diverse bunch of web developers, graphic designers and creative writers happy to design websites and develop web applications


10.Name of the company:  Gray Matrix Solutions Pvt Ltd


Description: Gray Matrix is a one stop solution provider for all your application development needs. They offer full spectrum of IT services including outsourcing, off shore development and business consulting. Their focus areas of work are application development, application transformation, lifecycle services and maintenance, web development , mobility.

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