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27th November



scholarship test socialprachar 2023

Invest in Your Education, Empower Your Future

At Social Prachar, we believe that education is the key to a brighter future.
We are proud to announce our exclusive Scholarship Test, designed to recognize and support talented students like you. This is your chance to shine, gain financial assistance, and embark on a rewarding educational journey.

MCQ Based Aptitutde Questions

No Negative Marking

Everyone is Eligible


Unlock Amazing Benefits

Benefit 1

Win a Generous Scholarship

Get up to 25% Discount on course fees. It’s a live online test, get the test results & assured Discount coupon code to your email within 12 hours after completion of the test

Benefit 2

Recognition and Prestige

Our scholarship winners receive recognition for their  achievements, boosting their confidence and setting them apart from their peers.

Benefit 3

Access to Exceptional Resources

Scholarship recipients gain access to our exclusive learning materials, experienced faculty, and a supportive educational community.

Secure Your Future Today!
Limited Seats Available.

SocialPrachar's Scholarship Test 2023

Everyone is a Winner: 30 Questions - 45 Minutes - 30 Marks

30 Marks

Eligible for 25% Discount on Course Fee

26-29 Marks

Eligible for 20% Discount on Course fee

20-25 Marks

Eligible for 15% Discount on Course fee

15-19 Marks

Eligible for 10% Discount on Course Fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is one of the largest online scholarship competitions in India. All Participants in Social Prachar receive a substantial scholarship for Social Prachar’s Beginner Full Stack Web Development & Data Analytics Course
Anyone and everyone is eligible!! (Students already enrolled in Social Prachar’s Main Batch cannot avail the scholarship)
We are contributing more than Rs 1Cr. worth of scholarships for participants of our tesr. The prizes will be given in the form of scholarships depending on the rank you score on the aptitude test.
No. You cant use your Mobile Phones/tablets to give Test. Use only Laptop/Desktop
Steps to take part in the challenge: Register for the challenge > Visit the challenge page on the start date/time > Click on ‘Attempt Now’ to proceed
The aptitude test will include questions about Quantitative Ability and Logical Reasoning.
Yes, all the questions will be MCQ based.
The results will be announced within 48 hours on this page.
No, Only ONE time per user is eligible. We will consider your First test marks in order to provide you the discount.

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