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RPA refers to Robotic Process Automation is the use of software with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required a human to perform. Blue Prism helps you to automate routine tasks using artificial intelligence as a driving force. It’s not the only tool that gives you this capability, others include Automation Anywhere (prominent), UIPath(prominent) , Work Fusion(prominent) and so many more still emerging.

RPA Course Training in Hyderabad

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    Industries which Uses RPA

    Financial institutions
    Other industries that have repetitive tasks

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    Our Blue Prism training center in Hyderabad is well equipped with lab facilities and excellent infrastructure for providing you real time training experience. We also provide Blue Prism certification training program. We have successfully trained and provided placement for many of our students in major MNC Companies, after successful completion of Blue Prism Training course. We provide 100% placement support for our students.

    Job Market

    • The demand for RPA is increasing rapidly.
    • The RPA technology can be applied specifically to a wide range of industries in India and abroad.
    • 5000+ Jobs available on RPA, get more details on job portals
    • Google,EMC, Oracle, Accenture, HP, TCS, WIPRO, CapGemini, L&T and Shell etc companies Hiring RPA professionals.
    • Certified Professionals will have 50% more earning potential compared to other technologies
    • The average salary of RPA professional is $63000.
    • More than 5 Million jobs are available by 2020 for automation and robotics industry.

    Its Code free, anyone can learn Blue Prism without any coding knowledge.

    RPA Course Content

    Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation

    • Blue Prism Infrastructure and Installation
    • Blue Prism Infrastructure, Installation and Administration
    • Background of Blue Prism
    • Essentials and setup for the Blue Prism
    • How Blue Prism works & areas of RPA
    • Infrastructure and Installation
    Process flow
    • Process flow
    • Running a Process
    • Basic Skills
    • Process ValidationDecision Stage
    • Calculation Stage
    • Data Items
    • Review
    • Decisions
    • Circular Paths
    • Controlling Play
    • Set Next Stage
    • Breakpoints
    • Collections and Loops
    • Layers of Logic
    • Pages for Organization
    • Review
    Inputs and Outputs
    • Input Parameters
    • Stepping and Pages
    • Data Item Visibility
    • Data Types
    • Output Parameters
    • Start-up Parameters
    • Control Room
    • Process Outputs
    • Review
    Business Objects
    • Object Studio
    • Business Objects
    • Action Stage
    • Inputs and Outputs
    • The Process Layer
    • Review
    Object Studio
    • Creating a Business Object
    • Application Modeler
    • Spying Elements
    • Attributes
    • Attribute Selection
    • Launch
    • Wait
    • Timeouts
    • Terminate
    • Write
    • Press
    • Attach and Detach
    • Read
    • Actions
    • Action Inputs and Outputs
    • Data Items as Inputs
    • Review
    Error Management
    • Exception Handling
    • Recover and Resume
    • Throwing Exceptions
    • Preserving the Current Exception
    • Exception Bubbling
    • Exception Blocks
    • Exception Handling in Practice
    • Review
    Case Management
    • Queue ItemsCommercial in Confidence
    • Work Queue Configuration
    • Defer
    • Attempts
    • Pause and Resume
    • Filters
    • Reports
    • Review
    Additional Features
    • Safe Stop
    • Collection Actions
    • Choice Stage
    • Logging
    • Log Viewer
    • System Manager
    • Process/Business Object Grouping
    • Process and Object References
    • Export and Import
    • Release Manager – Packages and Releases
    Consolidation Exercise
    • Order System Process
    • Consolidation Exercise Checklist
    • Submitting Your Completed Solution
    Advanced Features
    • Undefined Collections
    • Data Item Initialization
    • Data Item Exposure
    • Casting
    • Code Stage
    • Run Mode
    • Initialize and Cleanup
    • Attribute Match Types
    • Dynamic Attributes
    • Active Accessibility
    • Application Manager Mode
    • Global Clicks and Keys
    • Credentials
    • Environment Locking
    • Command Line
    • Resource PC
    Further Application Type
    • Mainframe Applications
    • Java Applications
    • Match Index and Match Reverse
    • Surface Automation

    Automation Anywhere

    • Architecture
    • Introduction to Product Architecture
    • Task Bots and its usages
    • Meta Bots and its usages
    • Learn IQ Bots
    Dashboard and Automation Anywhere
    • Task Bots
    • Recording the task
    • Create Task
    • Task Editor and its usages
    • Features in Task Editor
    Integrate PDF
    • Usage of If/else command
    • Datanse and AA
    • Email Automation in AA
    • Handling Exceptions
    • Commans in PGP
    MetaBot and its Usages
    • Overview
    • Creation of Metabot
    • Understand Designer in MetaBot
    Adding Metabot
    • Recordng Recordset
    • Various configurations in MetaBot Screens
    • Calibirations in MetaBotScreens
    Folders to Metabot
    • How to record in MetaBot
    • Logic Editor
    • Import and export MetaBot
    Commands Categories
    • Mouse
    • Files
    • Web Service
    • Tasks
    • Operations
    • Integration


    • The User Interface
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Updating UI Path Studio
    • Connecting your Project to a Source Control
    • Enabling Tracing
    • Creating a Basic Workflow
    • Introduction to Debugging a Workflow
    • Managing Packages
    Types of Workflows
    • Sequences
    • lowcharts
    • State Machines
    • Managing Variables
    • Naming Best Practices
    • The Variables Panel
    • Types of Variables
    • Generic Value Variables
    • Text Variables
    • True or False Variables
    • Number Variables
    • Array Variables
    • Date and Time Variables
    • Data Table Variables
    • Managing Arguments
    • Naming Best Practices
    • The Arguments Panel
    • Using Arguments
    Imported Namespaces
    • About Imported Namespaces
    • Importing New Namespaces
    Control Flow
    • About Control Flow
    • Control Flow Activities
    • The Assign Activity
    • The Delay Activity
    • The Do While Activity
    • The If Activity
    • The Switch Activity
    • The While Activity
    • The For Each Activity
    • The Break Activity
    • About Recording
    • About Recording Types
    • Automatic Recording
    • Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop
    • Example of Automatic Recording with Web
    • Manual Recording
    UI Elements
    • About UI Elements
    • UI Activities Properties
    • Input Methods
    • Example of Using Input Methods
    • Output or Screen Scraping Methods
    • Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods
    Data Scraping
    • About Data Scraping
    • Example of Using Data Scraping
    • About Selectors
    • Selectors with Wildcards
    • Full Versus Partial Selectors
    • UiPath Explorer
    SAP Automation
    • How To Automate SAP Applications
    Mainframe and Terminals Automation
    • How to Automate Mainframe and Terminals

    Course Highlights

    1. A Dedicated Portal For Practicing.
    2. 1-1 Mentorship
    3. Internship Offers for Freshers.
    4. Weekly Assignments.
    5. Weekly Doubt Sessions
    6. Advanced Curriculum
    7. Certificates On successful Completion of Project .
    8. Resume Preparation Tips
    9. Interview Guidance And Support.
    10. Dedicated HR Team for Job Support And Placement Assistance.