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Social Prachar offers PTE training for those who want to acquire Overseas education. Our personalized course helps students with PTE preparation skills. Our course was designed based on the best modern communicative training methods that help you to score better to meet your Overseas education requirements.

It is a computer-based English language test accepted by many universities around the world. Those who desired to go to major English speaking countries for further studies have to take this PTE test to prove their English language competency. Similar to other English competency tests, PTE also designed of its all sections; however, speaking and writing sections of PTE are combined. It is a computer-based English competency test which is useful for the candidates who has enthusiastic about abroad education.

Candidates need to go to a secure Pearson center where they’ll be given with a computer and headset to complete all the four modules. The complete test is based on real-life and general content. The question pattern includes graphs, summaries and excerpts and all the things around you. Native and non-native accent that includes your use to listen on television, and many conversations in real life.
According to Pearson Inc. there is no eligibility criteria given to the candidates, but, One should be aged above 16 years and those who have age less than 18 years should give their parental consent form to give the PTE test. Candidates can download the consent form from their Official Website. And they didn’t give any criteria for a candidate’s educational qualification.

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PTE - Exam Format

Speaking & Writing
This section measures your English speaking skills and writing skills in an academic environment. Candidates required using correct grammar and spellings while giving answers. The candidates are given 77 to 93 minutes to complete the speaking & writing section.
This section assesses the candidate’s English reading skills with different types of questions such as fill in the blanks or re-order paragraphs etc. This segment of the PTE test having 30 to 40 minutes long and calculates the candidate’s written skills in the English language. Candidates need to understand the questions carefully and answer accordingly.
The final section of the PTE test. Candidates’ English understanding skills are measured in this section. The question pattern contains audio or video clips are played once for the candidates to take the test and they need to listen carefully. The clips are supposed to 50-60 section and will be given 10minutes to write their response in 60-80 words.

Registration Process - PTE Exam

To appear for this test, the candidates first need to register themselves on the official website of Pearson PTE Academic. The PTE registration is fairly simple and easy. Find below the steps required to be followed by the applicants to register themselves on the website.

  • First, the applicants need to visit the Home Page and click on the ‘Book Now’ button which opens a new page.
  • Now, the candidates should click on the ‘Create Account’ and enter all the required details to fill the form.
  • The applicants receive an email within 2 days that contains their login details.
  • The applicants need to sign in using the username & password and schedule their test by selecting the preferred test center and available test date & time.
  • Now, the candidates need to make the required payment to book their slot for the PTE test and complete their application process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the PTE Academic Test?

PTE Academic is the world’s leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration purposes. It is approved by the Australian government for all visa applications and accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale, and INSEAD. You can register for the test online or by phone. These scores are valid for 2 years.

What sections does the test include?

The PTE is a 3-hour test and consists of three main parts, Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening. Twenty different question formats range from multiple choices to essay writing and interpretation of information. PTE Academic assesses real-life, academic content, so you will hear excerpts from lectures, and describe the graphs and charts that you see.

Do I need to be a certain age to give the PTE Academic?

You must be at least 16 years of age. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must provide a signed parental consent form before taking the test.

How many times can I take the test?

You can take PTE Academic as many times as you like. This means that institutions will not be able to see if your scores are better or worse than the previous tries. You must, however, wait to receive your scores before you can book your next test.

Will I know how much time I have left?

Yes, each section of the test is individually timed. You will see a timer in the top right corner of the screen counting down the remaining time.

How is PTE different from the IELTS?

Although both the IELTS and PTE have the same sections, the scoring pattern for both these tests differs. The PTE Academic, however, assesses speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as academic skills in an integrated way in a single 3-hour computerized test.

Who accepts the PTE Academic?

PTE Academic is accepted by thousands of universities worldwide. It is also accepted for visa purposes by the Australian government.

What happens if my ID shows a different name to the one I registered with?

You will not be allowed to take the test and you will lose your test fee. If you made a mistake when registering, please contact the Pearson customer support before your test day.

How long do the test results take?

Typically, PTE Academic results are available in five business days.

Can I reschedule/cancel my test?

Yes, however, there will be a fee charged at the time. You may receive a partial refund if you cancel your test before the appointment date.

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