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Who Is Going To Make Money In Artificial Intelligence

We all know that Artificial intelligence (Machine intelligence) is a technology that reacts like human. There is a another golden era in artificial intelligence because Millions of people  are being  invested in artificial intelligence industries which are start ups. Multinational companies are struggling over $20 billion in artificial intelligence in recent days. Now they are realizing benefits of AI. We will find AI in each and every sector voice search , facial recognition  or even search that is being typed in a search engine. AI is helping banks, doctors, farmers and even entrepreneurs.

AI will increase productivity and wealth in assembly and countries. Who got the best infrastructure and podium clouds for Either AI family is now also agitation ground in the blacken. Corporate can improve their customer. They will save costs, lower prices, drive revenues and sell mend products and services powered by AI. If millions of companies interest this worst in class free AI software then they are likely to strait share of computing power. And they should have excellent navigational dexterity to craft headlong of the giants or sail different house.

Now the main question is who is going to make money in artificial intelligence?

Real growth in artificial intelligence will be of those companies who are selling , supplying, manufacturing, transportation for  artificial intelligence will make money in business.  People  who has following things will definitely going to make money in Artificial intelligence.

1. Who has got the best platform clouds  and infrastructure for artificial intelligence

 Artificial intelligence has no of technologies. This multiple technologies are machine learning and its more complex algorithms, intense learning and networks. Such types of techniques and  technologies animate Artificial intelligence  applications such as natural language processing, computer vision and the ability to recover huge amount  of data to make accurate predictions and to release hidden insights.

  • Google has generated its own AI-special chips to support machine learning applications in its relevant data centers and on Internet of things instruments.  When Google brain launched in 2011, the company started initiating in depth  learning and involves it fully from creating video analytics to cooling data centers.
  • Amazon company has used machine learning to gain suggestions  for many years. This company is using Artificial intelligence  to re-innovate business procedures and to develop new product classifications, such as Alex a which is the best example of  virtual assistant.
  • China’s BATs—Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent—are investing heavily in AI while expanding into areas previously dominated by US companies: chip design, virtual assistants, and autonomous vehicles. China’s famous search engine like Baidu, business site like Alibaba and Tencent are investing more in Artificial intelligence as compared into areas of virtual assistant, chip design and autonomous vehicles

2. Who has got the best algorithm

Machine Learning or deep learning supports  “standard” algorithms for various kinds of tasks such as classification, regression and clustering. Many algorithms have been using since many years of  Deep Learning. As algorithm helps us to make proper decisions. However, Deep learning is a process that helps or incorporates neural networks that solve complicated tasks such as language generation and image recognition kind of things. There are various kinds of neural networks architectures and they are widely using in specific business process at various points.

3. Who has the best enterprise solutions

There are many software CRM’s like hubspot ,oracle, Zoho which are important for business. Enterprise software are overtaken by agents  such as SAP Salesforce, IBM and Oracle. They all got to know that AI is a tool that needs to be integrated into this useful softwares. But many startups are rushing to become the next generation of enterprise services filling in gaps where the incumbents don’t currently tread or even attempting to disrupt them. Many small companies are following the future generation enterprise services so that they can win the competition.

4. Who’s got the best vertical solutions?

AI is best for the top vertical industry solutions. There is a of new AI startups providing solutions to corporate use cases in the industrial sectors. And many startups are taking the ambitious path to disrupt the incumbent corporate players by offering a service directly to the same customers. Many companies are following the same rules to by deceiving competitors and offering a service directly to the customers. Really this startups are doing well and certainly have huge return over investment.

Time-shifting DVRs have not stopped the sizable investments in shit box ads, and yet all of the reticulation is scrambling to create their own apps     those waterfall viewers to tend ads in order to stream content. Marketing is already in this disruption track and will be fundamentally transformed by AI.
While chat bots today are still awkward, they are getting more and will eventually become an expected puppet for solving problems. Having been in the digital marketing industry for the past 24 years, witnessed the outer chaos that has plagued the industry . So this all factors are taken into consideration when it comes to money making in Artificial intelligence.