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Almost 5 Billion Mobile Apps available to download  and UI UX Designer is the sole responsible for designing the visual, interactive elements for all the apps, Here is the Detailed Step by step guide on How to Transform Career from Graphic designer to uiux designer

UI/UX Designing – Ranked as Most On Demand Creative Career Path

  1. In this Ultra Digital Age, UX UI designers has more demand than ever with rise of new age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality  etc 
  2. “UI UX Designer” – Ranks 4th on this list of the 10 on-demand digital creative talent for 2020.
  3. Top job portals listed  almost 20,000+ Jobs available across all departments
  4. As per Top Talent recognition portal  Glassdoor, the average salary of UIUX designer starts from 4 LPA to 15 LPA.
  5. So, Its Right time to do career transition from Graphic designer to uiux designer.

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Designing – The word itself consists of your creativity depends on public interest. In earlier days, the only designing element everyone knows in Graphic Designing. If you can tell a brand name by seeing just the logo, that’s where we all should think of these Graphic Designers. They’re the people who have designed the most iconic and many inspirational designs so far.

So, Why Graphic Designers want to change their careers into UX Designers? As we all know the demand for digital products is going high these days and the designers are not just creating good looking products, they are designing the products with outstanding designs and good usage. Companies also looking forward to giving their customers a positive digital experience.

What is User Experience?

User Experience is something that connects all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products. A UX Designer’s role is to create a product that comprises the best possible user experience. It is very important to know all the elements of UX design if you want to change your career from Graphic designer to uiux designer.

What is UX Design?

UX Design is something that connects a user and the product with more accessibility, Usability, and pleasure. There are so many forms in UX Design like Web design, mobile applications, and many other digital products. It is all about giving people an affluence experience in terms of using products or services. Usability, Look and Feel are the three essential components of UX Design. The aim of designing is not only for customers but for the businesses to meet their product goals. The goal of a UX Designer is to connect business ideas to user ideology which helps users to have ease experience.

Common Things between Graphic Design and UX Design?

Emotional Designing

Graphic Design is all about passionate correspondence through typography, shading, and pictures; serif textual styles and dim, more blunt hues inspire reality, while san-serif text styles and brilliant hues will in general draw out a feeling of happiness or fervor. Visual designers are consequently regularly enthusiastic designers who evoke explicit responses in a client. UX design is likewise worried about forming the feelings of the client, even though it will in general take a more extensive, large picture perspective on the whole client’s involvement in the item. On the head of zeroing in on the correct typography and hues, UX designers are additionally worried about movement design, the tone of the substance, and data engineering, among others.

Creative Thinking

Graphic designers and UX designers are both similarly gifted at innovative thinking, For graphic designers, making visuals that cling to shows (and along these lines convey successfully) while holding a feeling of innovation (to stand apart among the opposition) requires some genuine imaginative and basic reasoning. Similarly, UX designers need to make items that take care of clients’ issues—and at times, customary arrangements aren’t generally the best or most suitable ones.

Attention to Detail

Designers are very attentive in every detail of their designs. They used to check every detail, again and again, to make sure everything perfect. They are very much dedicated towards thoughtful orientation on basic things like text Kerning, and alignment of elements.

Differences Between Graphic Design & UX Design

User-Focused Vs Pixel Focused

Graphic designers will in general seek after pixel flawlessness in their plans. Guaranteeing that text content have flawless kerning and hues adjust to mark rules regularly take up a noteworthy part of graphic designers’ positions—and all things considered, as well. UX designers, notwithstanding, are principally centered around clients. They study the interface among clients and the item, discovering approaches to guarantee that the item answers to the client’s key needs. Furthermore, they do as such by directing a great deal of examination—by conversing with and watching clients, making client personas and stories, doing convenience testing on the items, and some more.

Iterative Problem Solving

UX Design is a lot of an iterative critical thinking cycle, and it tends to be different based on what you’re accustomed to doing as a graphic designer. It starts with the distinguishing proof of an issue; this is frequently found through client research, and if it’s not, it will at that point be affirmed through client research. There is no reason for tackling issues that clients couldn’t care less about; they won’t pay to take care of those issues, and that implies your organization won’t bring in cash.

From the difficult ID stage, more exploration is led into how best to tackle the issue such that the client will be content with—generally using perceptions, overviews, ethnographic investigations, and so forth.

This exploration at that point illuminates the item’s plan. Plans are then tried with clients to check whether the examination prompted the correct arrangements. The plans are continually iterated until research affirms that they are sufficient.

When this happens the item is dispatched, however, the planning cycle isn’t finished. The plan will be persistently tried and client input will be taken, in this way starting another round of client research. Future enhancements to the plan will be made dependent on this input.

The Big Benefit of Graphic Design Experience when Moving to UX Design

The greatest advantage for graphic designers moving to UX configuration is that they can make things alluring. A typical misinterpretation about UX configuration is that acceptable convenience bests style. In actuality, great feel has been found to improve the general client experience of the item—by making clients looser, making a good initial introduction, and by and large, simply indicating that you care.

Style additionally assists designers with speaking with the interior partners in their organizations. Ex-graphic designers can introduce research that brings about a way that causes partners to sit up and truly pay heed. Graphic plan abilities are frequently thought of as discretionary in UX research, however, it is difficult to keep the effect from getting top-notch wonderful discoveries. If you do roll out the improvement, you’ll have to adjust your propensity to make things flawless with the requirement for moving your plan extends forward. There are times in the UX plan when a couple of scrawls on the rear of a napkin are all that anyone could need to get things moving; don’t go through 3 days delivering a banner when this is the situation.


As recently referenced, the prototyping stage is natural to both graphic designers and UX designers. Graphic designers regularly make models of their plans before conveying the last plan. This causes it conceivable to exhibit the work for customers, to get any input on it, and to refine plans dependent on the criticism. UX designers likewise make models, however, these will in general be less centered around the appearance of the item and more centered around the ease of use and feel part of the client experience.

What Graphic Designers Should Know Before transition of Graphic designer to uiux designer

While graphic designers and UX designers share a few aptitudes for all intents and purposes, it’s essential to take note of that UX designers have diverse ultimate objectives and duties than graphic designers.

From Pixel-Perfect Design To The Right Fidelity For the Task

Since graphic designers are centered around making wonderful, cleaning plans, they frequently utilize high constancy models as expectations to completely impart plan ideas. A graphic plan foundation can bring about graphic designers creating visual formats too soon in an undertaking.

UX designers, then again, select loyalty as per the undertaking needs. They frequently attempt to locate the most fitting degree of loyalty to make the planning cycle proficient. Now and then an unpleasant sketch on a bit of paper is all that you have to convey the primary thought toward the start of the task when you have twelve distinct thoughts. Understanding when it’s an ideal opportunity to deliver profoundly cleaned work is a key outlook necessary to the UX plan.

Client-Focused Design

“The client starts things out” is maybe the most principal rule for the UX plan. This is because UX configuration is planning for use as opposed to correspondence or style. Not at all like graphic designers whose principle center is style, UX designers are centered around clients and how they associate with the item. UX designers need to improve life for individuals and put the necessities of the client before their inclinations when they plan. Designers who enter the field of UX should battle the regular inclination to “plan for yourself” and rather plan for the objective clients.

Synergistic Design Process

UX is substantially more about collaborating with and getting individuals, that is the reason solid relational abilities are fundamental for any UX designer. UX designers must coexist well with others for various reasons.

Here are the most significant ones:

UX  Expert designers ought to have the option to comprehend individuals’ needs and inspirations, so the designer can catch the motivation and reason driving the item.

Mostly UX designers work intimately with different designers, engineers, and partners to guarantee that the end plans coordinate everybody’s desires. UX designers ought to have clearness of articulation and have the capacity to communicate confounded ideas plainly to those with practically zero earlier information in the field.

Only a couple of brief years prior, “designer” typically implied a certain something: graphic plan. As interest for advanced items has expanded, the plan market has moved intensely toward intuitiveness. The present most sought after designers don’t simply make items that look great — they plan items that show outstanding plan and unrivaled convenience. Organizations are progressively more put resources into ensuring their clients have a positive advanced encounter, and there’s no sign that pattern will change at any point soon. Accordingly, employing talented UX designers is the first concern among organizations. Truth be told, UX designers are being enrolled as vigorously as programming engineers.

A vocation in UX configuration can likewise be rewarding. The middle U.S. pay is $70,000 every year for passage level and $100,00 every year for a prepared UX designer. Given the interest and normal compensation, changing from graphic plan to UX could be a profession move worth seeking after.

Client experience is a field that is fundamental to item improvement, however stays a secret to numerous individuals since it’s generally new. Wear Norman, prime supporter of the Nielsen Norman Group Design Consultancy, is credited with instituting the term in the last part of the 90s and characterized client experience as incorporating all parts of the collaboration with the organization, its administrations, and its items. It’s critical to know and comprehend the components of client experience while investigating a profession in the UX plan, as it’s the establishment of being fruitful in the field. You can discover extra data concerning client involvement with the accompanying article: What You Should Know About User Experience.

By and large, UX configuration is the way toward upgrading client fulfillment by improving the convenience, availability, and delight gave in the communication between the client and the item. While the UX plan as a cycle can be applied for each item, in this article we’ll portray UX measure with regards to website composition, making versatile applications, and other advanced items.

UX configuration is a human-first method of planning items — it’s tied in with making encounters that individuals can use easily and enchant. A key UX plan ability is figuring out how to make that experience as well as can be expected to be. UX designers will in general be worried about three essential variables — convenience, look, and feel.

Convenience is the foundation of client experience. If an item isn’t usable, the client is ensured to have a negative encounter.

The appearance of an item is the visual intrigue. It ought to fulfill or surpass the client’s desires.

The vibe is tied in with planning items that are a delight to utilize. Items ought to give practical and pleasurable experience.

Be that as it may, UX configuration isn’t exclusively about the client. Meeting the business objectives of the item and adjusting the business objectives to those of the client is similarly as significant. Eventually, the objective of a UX designer is to interface business objectives to the client’s needs through a cycle of exploration, testing, and refinement.

UX Process

UX configuration requires a cycle like some other plan field. In any case, in contrast to the graphic plan, the UX configuration measure begins a long time before pen hits paper. The accompanying models show two different ways the graphic plan and UX configuration measures contrast:

Investigation: with regards to the graphic plan, this is the thing that we call an ideation stage. There’s a significant contrast for this stage between the graphic plan and the UX plan. For the UX plan, this stage isn’t restricted to a solitary advance in the planning cycle. It can occur previously, during, and after the plan, the arrangement is actualized.

Plan: If you have a graphic plan foundation, at that point you may appreciate this aspect of the cycle the most. Notwithstanding, there is a distinction in this stage between graphic designers and UX designers. While graphic designers attempt to make an outwardly satisfying pixel-immaculate plan, UX designers attempt to make the most ideal experience—which incorporates graphic plan, data engineering, collaboration plan, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Another key contrast is that the graphic plan is direct and the cycle completes once the item has dispatched. For a UX designer, item dispatch is a solitary advance in the planning cycle. Furthermore, there is a circle among plan and client testing that doesn’t exist in the graphic plan.

The UX configuration cycle can be applied to any item, not simply advanced items. For instance, you can apply the UX cycle to plan a vehicle, shelf and that’s just the beginning.

How Graphic Design Skills Translate into UX Skills

Graphic plan and UX configuration have many covering aptitudes. The profession move may fall into place easily for the individuals who as of now have solid plan abilities. Consequently, it’s imperative to take a nuanced take a gander at how the two controls are comparative and where they contrast.

What Does Graphic Design and UX Design Have in Common?

Knowing about the graphic plan offers adaptable and applicable abilities for the UX plan. The accompanying aptitudes can fill in as a springboard into UX:

Passionate Design

Both graphic designers and UX designers attempt to make a passionate association with the clients:

The graphic plan is tied in with bringing out the client’s feelings through shading, symbolism, and typography.

UX designers are likewise worried about bringing out feelings, however, they aren’t restricted to the visual aspect of the plan. They center around data engineering, connection plan, and openness of plan. This makes it conceivable to make a more extensive, enormous picture perspective on the whole client’s involvement in the item.


The familiar axiom “the unseen details are the main problem” is applicable to the plan. Configuration can be in the subtleties, and graphic designers’ abilities are regularly situated toward nice thought of subtleties, for example, text kerning and arrangement of the components.

Innovative Thinking

Designers are issue solvers. Graphic designers and UX designers are similarly gifted at innovative reasoning and tackling issues through the plan.

To see how inventive reasoning aides UX configuration measure, it’s basic to characterize configuration thinking first, because the UX configuration measure is regularly founded on plan thinking methodology. Configuration believing is a constant and advancing cycle that courses through the accompanying stages: identify, ideate, model, and test. Inside each stage, issues are surrounded, and questions.

Graphic designer to uiux designer – Tips for Graphic Designers Switching to UX Design

Many people are in thought of doing a UX Design is not for everyone, for those who have the right talent on it. But, facts saying, it is recommended to join this for those who have the design skills. Here are some important tips for the people switching their careers to UX Design.

graphic designer to ui ux designer

Skills to learn for easy career transition from Graphic designer to uiux designer

This is very important that who’s ready to switch their career in UX design is by spending some time and effort in learning UX skills.

While graphic design is a techno-scientifically discipline, and there is a certain set of specialized skills (such as text skills and color theory) required to create exceptional visuals, UX design is much more multi-disciplinary. UX design sits at the crossroads of a lot of fields and designers have to constantly learn about human psychology, visual design, interaction design, information architecture, and user research techniques to create the right solutions to user problems.

User Experience is all about:

  • Visual Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability
  • User Research
  • Content Strategy
  • As a designer, you know where you have strengths in certain elements, start with enhancing those skills.
  • Find out the new elements that will take you near UX Design skills. This will help you to make designs more attractive.

Design Your Own UX Design Portfolio

What do companies search for while employing UX originators? Two components they consider are pertinent expert experience and design portfolio. On the off chance that you don’t have the previous, center around the last mentioned. Vocation switchers frequently face a similar quandary as late alumni searching for their first positions: to get recruited for a UX Design work you need UX experience. However, how might you get that experience? It’s prescribed to show your potential in any capacity that you can:

Take an interest in the Daily UI Challenge and remember the top choices for your portfolio. Daily UI is particularly useful for amateurs since the two encourage you to help your abilities and keeping in mind that likewise making a social presence. Simply make it clear in your portfolio that it’s scholarly work.

Take an interest as a volunteer in not-for-profit ventures. You can gain from other fashioners while confronting certifiable difficulties and give results that you can highlight in your portfolio as certain commitments to society.

Try User-Focused Design Instead of Pixel-Focused

At the point when you have a graphic plan foundation, making a pixel-immaculate plan is likely the viewpoint you appreciate most. Guaranteeing text has impeccable kerning and hues are chosen by brand rules regularly takes up a huge part of a graphic designer’s time. This isn’t the manner in which things work for the UX plan.

UX designers are principally centered around clients and unequivocally worried about whether they can accomplish their objectives. To make a client-centered plan you have to remember the following things:

Usability is the foundation of client experience. A basic issue is numerous UX designers appear to zero in additional on work that looks lovely, and less on the usefulness and convenience of the plan. Stand separated from the pack by ensuring that you comprehend and consider convenience subtleties in your plan.

Abstain from the beginning with a visual plan too soon, for the very same explanation — your consideration ought to be centered around how things work as opposed to what they look like. Keep in mind, individuals don’t utilize an application or administration for a pretty plan. They need to take care of their concern or fulfill their need by utilizing your item.

Conduct User Research and Take Feedback for your work

A UX designer’s responsibility is to make an item that gives the most ideal client experience. How does that occur? It begins with a great deal of examination. Exploration is a basic aspect of the UX configuration measure, as it educates the item’s plan. Graphic designers hoping to switch vocation tracks should put time into figuring out how to lead client research.

Conclusion – Career Transition of Graphic designer to uiux designer

Many believe that UX is a high-level design process and only those with the right talent, which is not true. If you want to change from graphic design to UX design as a career, it’s not going to be as difficult as you might think. While there is a gap between graphic design skills and UX design skills, it’s not an impossible one. Graphic designers already speak the language of design; they just need to brush up their skills to include those that are unique to UX design.

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