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How can I be job ready while COVID-19 lockdown?

Corona – Corona – Corona, covid-19 the only thing we heard for the last 40 days. The whole country is in lockdown and people having mixed opinions on this. Some people spending their time by sharing memes and jokes on Social Media about the lockdown and some are doing their daily routines hoping for good days, However people spending their time, they know how scary is the issue Outside and we have nothing to do but stay at home.

While in this lockdown, Employees are busy with their WFH(Work From Home) schedules and people who are studying are in dilemma with so many doubts. What will happen to their academic year? What will happen to the placements? Like these, we all have these many questions in our minds. However, the Government will take care of the academic year and those who are getting ready for their jobs/job placements are struck now. 

Those who are ready for Job Interviews or Campus placements. This is the perfect opportunity to be ready for the future and nurture your skills.

Here’s a list of activities you can do to hone your skills –

Brush Up Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are the which can make you stand out from the crowd and give you a chance to succeed. It is the only thing that worried freshers while applying for their first job.

Work on your skills like Problem-Solving skills, Time-Management, Leadership Skills, Initiation, and Good Communication skills. We can get through with most of these skills by having good practice.

To hone up your communication skills, we suggest watching some English series from your favorite genre as we have a lot of time staying at home, adding to this, start reading English books or novels. By doing these, we can have an improvement in our Skills that will make us succeed.

Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses:

This is the right time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and made your negatives to positive ones. List out all your weaknesses and made priorities which one will make you succeed.

  • Work on your negatives
  • Use time efficiently
  • Clear all your fears

Think of your strengths and make improvements and make sure you are ready for all.

Know what your Recruiters want

Getting a Job is not that easy as getting into college. Focus on what exactly companies are looking for. Get into different job postings of various companies in your interested domain. Analyze the requirement of the companies by reading their job description. Make a note of the points that you are sure enough to do.

List out all the points that you want to work on and start doing it. Make a practical approach to everything you do. Nowadays, companies are hiring not just based on your CV/Resume, they’re digging into your way of a practical approach. 

Fortunately or Unfortunate we got an opportunity of COVID-19 and it gave us enough time to work on ourselves.

Build Your Resume

This becomes a nightmare for freshers while creating their resumes. Earlier, teachers/professors/trainers giving tips on how to prepare a CV, Due to COVID-19, chances are very less to get the tips or suggestions from them. 

Choose the template and decide what information you want to showcase on your resume, make sure the information is genuine and error-free. To get attention, write about your achievements or projects you worked on if it related to the job description. Make the information crisp.

Are you in confusion about choosing the domain?

Here’s the list of technologies to foresee to get a Job.

Data Science (In – Demand) – This deals with data structures and data sets of companies and makes them useful for their future. Statistics show that almost 2,00,000+ jobs available by 2024.   

Artificial Intelligence (In – Demand) – Combination of Machines and Human Intelligence, the whole world is looking at AI. Telangana Government announces 2020 as “Year of AI”.

Digital Marketing (Always on Top) – Whatever the business, whatever the sector, it needs Marketing. The country is digitalizing. so, Marketing.

Cyber Security – This deals with security threats for the companies on protecting their data. It is one of the trending courses right now.

Choose the best one for your career and start working on it or Consult Our Career Counsellor – 08019479419