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10+ Projects

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26+ Libraries

Master 26+ industry relevant libraries and frameworks

15+ Assignments

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19+ modules, crafted by experts, to rocket you from data whispers to LLM mastery. Conquer stable diffusion.
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10+ Projects

200+ Hours

26+ Tools

15+ Assignments

  1. Introduction to Generative AI
  2. Human Decision-Making and Its Biases
  3. Structured Approach to Problem Solving
  1. Generative AI of NLP
  2. Building End-to-End LLM Applications with prompt Engineering
  3. Advanced Prompt Engineering
  4. Building RAG systems with LangChain and LlamIndex
  5. Learn to use LLMs like ChatGPT, Gemini, Gemma, Phi
  6. Learn to use tools and platforms like LangChain, LlamaIndex, Streamlit, Chainlit and HuggingFace
  1. Fine-tuning LLMs with parameter Efficient Fine-tuning Techniques
  2. Instruction fine-tuning of LLMs
  3. Reinforcement Learning with Human feedback
  4. Training LLMs from Scratch
  1. Fundamentals of Diffusion Models
  2. Stable Diffusion in practice – popular techniques
  3. Methods, jobs, and tools of Stable Diffusion
  4. Advanced Techniques – Image variations, inpainting, outpainting and more
  1. Python for Data Science
  2. Data Exploration and Statistical Interference
  3. Basics of Machine Learning
  4. Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Deep Learning for NLP – ANNs to Transformers

Tools You will Master

Gain expertise over critical libraries & frameworks

10+ Generative AI Projects to Put Theory
into Practice

Dive into real-world challenges, from harnessing ChatGPT to building conversational chatbots and RAG
systems. These 10+ projects are our ticket to the AI forefront.