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Fun AI Tools Available Online

Experts say the rise of artificial intelligence will make most people better off over the next decade, but many have concerns about how advances in AI will affect what it means to be human, to be productive, Here are the fun AI Tools available online.

The experts predicted networked artificial intelligence will amplify human effectiveness but also threaten human autonomy, agency and capabilities. They spoke of the wide-ranging possibilities; that computers might match or even exceed human intelligence and capabilities on tasks such as complex decision-making, reasoning and learning, sophisticated analytics and pattern recognition, visual acuity, speech recognition and language translation. They said “smart” systems in communities, in vehicles, in buildings and utilities, on farms and in business processes will save time, money and lives and offer opportunities for individuals to enjoy a more-customized future. There are many applications of AI that make this technology more accessible to the average layman person or kids at home.

Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is an online game developed by Google that challenges players to draw a picture of an object or idea and then uses a neural network artificial intelligence to guess what the drawings represent. The AI learns from each drawing, increasing its ability to guess correctly in the future.


Aviva is the first AI to officially be recognised as a Composer. The tool comes with a preset algorithm to write music in predefined styles like — modern cinematic, pop, electronic, and jazz, to name a few. Aviva’s work will mostly be used in advertising campaigns, film scores and even the odd video game score. Aviva’s also released its first album, called Genesis

Even Stranger Things

Stranger things a sci-fi and fantasy Netflix series, Even Stranger Things has gained its prominence with the popular web series named stranger things it is an online AI-powered tool this site uses AI to understand what’s in your photo and makes a stranger thing poster out of it.

Scribbling speech

Developed by Google Cloud Speech API, Scribbling Speech allows users to create real-time free speech into animated drawings. With Google Speech API and Google Natural Language API, it is able to extract nouns and ad positions like “above”, “under” and so on from the real time streaming. Recognize Stream, get Entities and analyze Syntax are used to realise the input part. 

For example, “There is a bird flying above the sea”, the computer will return “sea”, “bird” and “above” in the end. Besides, not only English but other languages like Chinese, French, and German etc. also can be recognised. is an AI-powered tool that creates artistic images by cloning the real picture. The tool uses the algorithm developed by Leon Gatys, Alexander Ecker, and Matthias Bethge. It uses the stylistic elements of one image to draw the content of another. All you need to do is to upload a photo and choose your favourite style. The servers will then render your artwork for you.

Thing Translator 

Another important innovation from Google is Thing Translator. Thing Translator is a web app that lets you point your phone (or laptop) at stuff to hear to say it in a different language. It was developed as part of Google’s AI Experiments project. Thing Translator is using Google’s Cloud Vision and Translate APIs. 

Deep Beet

Deep Beat is an AI-based online program that produces rap lyrics by combining existing lyrics of rap songs. Deep Beat was originally created as a machine learning research tool, but just recently became available online for public use. It utilizes a database that currently consists of 641,000 lines of lyrics (in English and Finnish), drawn from 12,500 songs performed by 100 established rap artists. In fact, the “rhyme factor” of its lyrics is reportedly 21 percent better than that of the best English-language rappers.

Poem Portraits

Es Devlin collaborated with Google Arts & Culture Lab and Ross Goodwin to restore the poetic art around the world called POEMPORTRAIT. Poem portraits online collective artwork, experimenting at the boundaries of AI and human collaboration, A POEMPORTRAIT is your self portrait overlaid with a unique poem, created by AI. 

All you have to do is donate a word of your choice and take a self portrait. Each word you donate will be expanded into original lines of poetry by an algorithm that’s trained on millions of words of nineteenth century poetry. You’ll then receive a unique POEMPORTRAIT of your face, illuminated by your original lines of poetry. All of the lines of poetry are then combined to form an ever-evolving, collective poem.

Duke University researchers have created an Ai based tool that can turn blurry and unrecognisable images of people’s faces into perfect computer-generated portraits in HD.

According to the reports, traditional methods can only scale up a human face image up to eight times than its original resolution; however, the researchers from the Duke University have developed this AI tool called pulse, which can create a realistic-looking image which is 64 times the resolution of the input photo. This tool searches through artificial intelligence-generated high-resolution faces images as an example and analyses facial features like fine lines, eyelashes and stubble to match ones that look similar to the input image after actual size compression.

B2B sales

As technology has evolved, industries have accepted and implemented them in business operations to obtain exponential growth, and among many technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) has played a major role. From unlocking new insights, finding client-focused value, identifying customer behaviour to closing deals, AI is spearheading the B2B sales landscape today. Lead generation, discriminating between buyers and visitors, identifying special choices and smart decision making are amongst some other features with which AI has helped the industry. 


Cogito provides a sales representative with the voice analysis of a consumer. It also offers real-time cues to a sales representative to understand what are the effective ways of speaking with an individual consumer? The tool analyses the voice of the caller and provides alerts to the representative such as empathy, pace and the tone of the caller. The tool enables a representative to detect signs of frustration, the intent of purchase or closing of a deal amongst consumers, and tune his or her speaking style on the basis of mentioned alerts. This process helps representatives to communicate in a more professional manner while ensuring a bond is formed between customers and representatives to mature the deals or purchases.

The tool is exclusively made for representatives that act as a personal assistant and completes admin work through chat, touch and voice. assistant pulls-in all the available data on the command of a representative from the customer-relationship management (CRM) system, email, calendar, legacy database and other scattered multiple systems. assistant works as a chatbot with famous assistant platforms such as Cortana and Alexa, which enables a representative to ask questions about a specific account and get direct answers. Using AI and machine learning, the assistant parses all the data, thus reducing the time spent by a representative on tedious searches.

Data Fox

Acquired by Oracle in the year 2018, Data fox with its cloud-based artificial intelligence data engine derives business content from a set of company-level information and insightful data to optimise business strategies. Data Fox upgrades the CRM system with AI insight to help the sales team understand which account they should go for. Through analysing existing customers, this data is generated along with customisable signals on the CRM, to enhance further targeting for the sales team.