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Social Prachar is the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bengaluru with 100% Placement Guarantee. Social Prachar offers Outstanding training with Real time expert trainers, Client Projects and live projects. Digital Marketing is going to create 5 Lakh jobs in 2020-2022.

Socialprachar will help you out in to get certifications from Google, HP, SM Study and 18+ certificates. We have designed an Advanced job oriented curriculum which is suitable for Students, Employers and Entrepreneurs.

Agency Level Training

 15+ MNC Certificates

100% Job Guarantee

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 90 Days Advanced Curriculum

1 to 1 mentorship

 200+ Practical Sessions

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 5,00,000+ Jobs

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Dedicated HR Team


Advanced Curriculums


1-1 Mentorship




Resume Preparation Tips


Interview Guidance and Support

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  • All Graduates,Employees, Business owners are eligible to do Digital Marketing Training in Bengaluru. Here is the Chance to fresh graduates to build their career as strong and business owners can get 2X growth by implementing the real-time digital marketing techniques.
  • In today’s world Online Promotion is the most important thing for every business. Because it helps to improve the Branding and Sales and also to improve their Revenue with less cost.

18 reasons to learn digital Marketing Course

Data Science Training in Bengaluru

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Job Market in 2020

Digital marketing skills are in High-Demand
60,000+ jobs available RIGHT NOW
No Programming/coding required
Min salaries starts from 1.4L -3L for freshers
All graduates / business owners / employees are eligible

Who to Join course

Post Graduates
Working Professionals
Business owners

Job Roles Available

Social Media Publishers
Social Media Relations Executive
Junior SEO
Junior Account Executives
Digital Marketing Analyst
Email Campaigner
Search Engine / Online Advertising / Social Media Manager

CAREER+ Services

100% Placement Assistance (Upto 6 months)
Resume Preparation
Mock Interviews
Project Submissions & Presentation
Social Recruiting
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Advanced Curriculum

Course structure

  1. Orientation Classes
  2. WordPress
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Search Engine Marketing(Adwords)
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Social Media optimization
  7. Email Marketing
  8. App Marketing
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Content Marketing & Analytics

Digital Marketing Orientation Sessions

  • Introduction to marketing
  • Types of Marketing
  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Types of Advertising
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Types of Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to social media marketing
  • Types of Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to Analytics
  • Introduction to Competitive analysis
  • Social Media Marketing strategy
  • Setting up goals

Part 1 – WordPress

1 – Introduction to WordPress

  • What is CMS?
  • WordPress basic
  • When to choose wordpress
  • Advantages of wordpress

2 – Installation of wordpress

Creating wp-config automatically

  • Creating wp-config manually
  • Upgrading wordpress
  • Creating your first application

3 – Dashboard functionality

  • Creating and using posts
  • Creating and using pages
  • Using Permalinks
  • Creating and using menu
  • Creating and using comments

4 – Theming and skinning

  • Using themes
  • Using theme options
  • Creating own theme
  • Blog layout and design

5 – Widget

  • Installing widget
  • Displaying widgets
  • Widget areas
  • Adding code to text widget

6 – Custom Post Type

  • Naming Best Practices
  • Reserved Post Type Identifiers
  • Custom Post Type Screens
  • URLs
  • Custom Post Type Templates
  • Querying by Post Type

7 – Plugins

  • Using wordpress plugins
  • Creating your own plugins
  • Names, Files and Locations
  • File headers
  • WordPress plugin hooks
  • Template tags

Part 2 – Search Engine Optimization

SEO Introduction
  • What is SEO & how SEO evolved.
  • Why SEO is important in this Digital Era.
  • Why SEO taken a prominent place in present day.
  • What is the Impact when we do SEO on websites/blogs.
  • How Search Engine Algorithm works.
  • What are different types of search engines in the world.
  • Updates & New Algorithm’s released by Google
Web Master Tools – Google
  • What is Google Web Master Tools
  • How to Add our site and go the necessary configuration.
  • How to add URL Parameters.
  • How to Add URL to Google Fetch for faster crawling.
  • How to block unnecessary Crawlers through robots.txt.
  • How to add Site Map.
  • How to check Internal & External Links.
  • How to check the suggestion given by Google
On-Page Optimization
  • What is On-Page Optimization.
  • How to use keyword planner.
  • Title Tag Optimization.
  • Header Tag Optimization.
  • Alt Tag Optimization.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Sitemap for link Optimization
  • XML Sitemap Creation
  • Rss Feed Creations
  • HTML Code Optimization
  • How to Effectively design a website for search engine optimization
  • Tracking the unique visitors and return visits to websitOff-es
  • How to write unique and original content.
Off-Page Optimization
  • What is Off-Page Optimization.
  • What is importance of Off Page Optimization in SEO.
  • Techniques to follow while doing Off-Page Optimization.
  • How to do Directory Submission.
  • How to do Social Bookmarking.
  • Importance & how to post classifieds.
  • How to do Article Submission.
  • How to create and importance of Social Profiles.
Research & Analysis on Keyword
  • What is a keyword
  • Importance of keyword in SEO
  • Tools for Keyword research.
  • How many types of keywords.
  • How to find competiting keywords for SEO.
  • How to use right keywords for content writing
Reports in SEO
  • Website position analysis.
  • Search Term Report.
  • Other Monthly customized Reports.

Part 3 – Google Adwords Course Content

  • Introduction

✓ Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

✓ How SEM is Different From SEO

✓ SEM v/s SEO

✓ Introduction to Google Adwords

✓ Setting up Adwords account ready

  • Adwords Account Structure

✓ Account setup and dashboard

✓ What is Remarketing tag

✓ How to get Remarketing Code

✓ Remarketing code integration

✓ What is Conversion tracking

✓ How to get Conversion tracking code

✓ Conversion tracking code integration

✓ Difference between Remarketing code and conversion tracking code

✓ Google Analytics integration with Adwords

✓ Adwords Campaign types

✓ How to choose right campaign for your business

✓ Campaign Setup

✓ Ad groups purpose

✓ Ads and keywords metrics

  • Keyword Research

✓ Define keywords

✓ Keyword v/s Query

✓ What is keyword research

✓ Methods of keywords research

✓ How to pick profitable keywords

✓ How to divide ad groups based on keywords

✓ Keywords match types

Ad copy Writing

✓ Types of Ads


✓ Display ADS

✓ You Tube ADS

✓ Mobile App ADS

✓ Product Listing Ads

✓ Ad copy limitations

✓ Words should not be used in Ad copies

✓ Ad copy metrics

✓ 9 types of Ad copies

✓ How to write killer ad copy

✓ Symbols used in Ad copies

✓ What is Ad extension

✓ Types of Ad extensions

✓ How Ad extensions will boost CTR

Campaign Optimization

✓ Points to be considered while optimizing campaign

✓ Types of Optimizations

✓ Campaign level

✓ Ad group level

✓ Keyword level

✓ A/B testing of ad groups

✓ A/B testing of ad copies

✓ What is Quality Score?

✓ How Quality score affects Your Ad rank

✓ How to increase Quality Score

✓ Bid Optimization

✓ How to limit campaign to run out of budget

✓ How to get better ROI with limited budget

Tools Used for Search Engine Marketing:

✓ Paid Tools:

✓ SEM Rush,

✓ Long tail Pro,

✓ Rank Watch

✓ Free tools:

✓ Keyword Tool Planner

✓ Display Planner

✓ SEOmofo

✓ Keywordtool.io

✓ Ubersuggest and

✓ Soolve


✓ Intro to Google Adwords editor

✓ How Adwords Editor simplifies your work

✓ How to launch a PPC campaign by Using Adwords Editor

Part 4 – Social Media Marketing

  • Introduction to G+
  • Significance of G+
  • G+ lay out
  • Elements of G+
  • Creation of Page
  • G+ Marketing strategies
Twitter Marketing
  • Profile creation and bio
  • Profile design insights
  • Profile layouts
  • Hash Tags and its influence
  • List Creation and its significance
  • Twitter plugins installation
  • Twitter case study
  • Twitter Marketing strategies
Linkedin :
  • Introduction to LinkedIn
  • Layout of LinkedIn profile and elements
  • Connections and guidelines
  • Creation of LinkedIn company page
  • Concept of influencers
  • LinkedIn brand promotion
  • LinkedIn group creation
  • LinkedIn marketing strategies
YouTube :
  • Creating channels
  • Advertising
  • Bidding
  • Plugin installations
  • Ad sense notifications
  • Viral sharing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters and email marketing
Facebook Marketing
  • Introduction to Facebook marketing
  • Facebook page creation : its significance
  • Page Layout
  • Group creation: its significance
  • Facebook Business/Brand category
  • Event Creation
  • Facebook Content creation strategy
  • Facebook Aps/Tabs
  • Facebook top brand case study
  • Facebook Traffic generation (Leads, likes, shares, comments, recommendations and

page suggestions)

  • Facebook SEO
  • Facebook Advertisement and policies
  • Sponsored posts
  • Sponsored stories
  • Sponsored events
  • Sponsored likes
  • Facebook Bidding strategies


Pinterest Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Social Media Monitoring Tools

  1. Scheduling tools
  2. Facebook App tools
  3. Contest tools
  4. Reporting Tools

Part 5 – Email Marketing

Part 6 – App Marketing

Part 7 –  Adsense

Part 8 – Content Marketing

Part 9 – Affiliate Marketing

Part 10 – Analytics

Summary classes

⇨ Projects Real Time (ONE client project=30days)

⇨ Resume Preparation

⇨ HR Activities & Mock interviews

⇨ 12 Certification Exams on Digital Marketing

⇨ Main Interviews

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