Save upto 20% on Data Science / AI Course Fee by taking our #10MinutesTest

When to attend for Examination?

Attend scholarship Test on EVERY WEDNESDAY 9 AM or SATURDAY 11 AM

What courses are eligible for the offer?

This TEST in applicable only for DATA SCIENCE/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning courses

What is the duration?

15 Questions – 10 Minutes

Where can I attend for Examination?

You can attend at our Hyderabad and Bengaluru branches

Flat 20% Off

Flat 20% Off

(on Course Fee)
15/15 Marks

Flat 10% Off

(on Course Fee)
12 - 14 marks

1500 INR off

(on Course Fee)
9 - 12 marks

1000 INR off

(on Course Fee)
5 - 8 marks

500 INR off

(on Course Fee)
4 marks

Note: Offer is Valid for 3 Months From the Date of Exam Taken.

You Can Renew your offer at any of our Branches either Hyderabad or Bangalore before expiration date.

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